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No Show Fee

No Show Fee of SEK 200 per person will be charged if you choose not to cancel your booking well in advance (no later than 2 hours before booked arrival) or if you are completely absent from your booking (table is held for 20 minutes).

Unfortunately, this is something that should not have to exist BUT we have for a long time experienced problems with booking tables you do not intend to use. To ensure the availability of tables and that you actually only book tables when you intend to visit us, we charge a No Show Fee.

Please note that 20 minutes after the booked time, we consider it a No Show and the table will be released to other guests if there is a queue, if you are late CALL US and we will solve it together.

You determine the length of your sitting. When booking, you also state how long the table should be booked (you choose between 1.5h / 2h / 3h / 4h) when your time expires, the next party that has booked will arrive.

When a table is booked, no one else can book that table during the time you have booked, we then ensure that your table is available at the time you have booked. This means that we may refuse other parties from eating when the table is booked for you.

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